glow: Downtown Winter Light Festival is an annual family-friendly light and music festival in the heart of downtown Calgary.

This all-ages event welcomes everyone to warm up winter’s darkest days, and experience one-of-a-kind interactive light displays, art, entertainment, food trucks and activities. Come down and enjoy all of these things for FREE!

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Check out the amazing Artists from Glow 2019
  • The Machine
    Lane Shordee

    Utilizing simple analog devices, The Machine brings an animated scene to the viewers with the use of light, shadow, and imagery inspired by the biological illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. The Machine renders the microscopic visible; creating a fantastical world of the unseen. Viewers will be able to peer inside the mechanism and interact with it through the use of switches and dials.

  • The Luminuits
    La Camaraderie

    Three shadows come alive in a flash: The Luminuits have taken refuge here tonight. These large shadows, usually lurking in the night, come out of hiding and await you. Be careful, the Luminuits are shy! The only way to reveal them is to take a picture with the flash and then you will discover their personality!

  • Entre Les Rangs

    An expanse of long, waving crystalline stems planted in the heart of the city. A tribute to fields of wheat that shimmer in the wind as the seasons pass, Entre les rangs covers a public space with thousands of flexible white stems topped with white reflectors that capture the rhythm of the surrounding urban space and reflect its life.

  • Passage
    Serge Maheu

    Passage is an immersive, minimalist, contemplative and interactive artwork that explores the emotional connections we develop with light and sound. The concept of the artwork takes root in the definition of the word passage itself: the act of moving through or past something on the way from one place to another, and also the process of transition from one state to another in a temporal dimension.

  • Impulse
    Lateral Office, CS Design Inc.

    An interactive work that will warm hearts of all ages . The space is transformed into a space of urban play through a series of interactive illuminated see‐saws that respond and transform when put into motion by people. When activated by users and inclined, the see‐saws, augmented by LED lights and speakers, will increase in light intensity and emit a randomized sound sequence.

  • Device For Summoning Rainbows
    Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, and Studio North

    Using light as an sculptural material, Device for Summoning Rainbows is an analog projection machine refracting white light into the wavelengths of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Viewers are invited to interact with spectral waves as they wash across the park, chasing rainbows or basking in their glow. Drawing from lighthouse lenses and analog projection technologies, Device for Summoning Rainbows speaks to light as a medium for sending messages across vast dark spaces, signalling danger or change ahead. Every colour we see is just a small band of visible light in a larger collection of wavelengths radiating cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves, radar, and radio waves across our planet. Device for Summoning Rainbows empower the visible spectrum to intervene in the dark winter nights of Calgary, signalling the Spring ahead. Exploring light as an entity both present + absent, natural + manufactured, particle + wave, you’re invited to seek the rainbow’s end.
    Device for Summoning Rainbows is a prototype for a larger public artwork called LIGHT KEEPER, soon-to-be installed at Aitken Place Park in Toronto as part of the revitalization of Waterfront Toronto.

  • Wish Tree

    The Wish Tree is a participative installation. The artwork is accessible for everybody as they read the words on the boards. The board can be re-used to be written again. A kind of Lo-Fi Snapchat! The desire to be successful, but the experience of writing will remain in each of the visitors.

    PITAYA is a creative studio founded by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud. After a technical training course, respectively in metalworking and woodworking, the duo puts on their industrial design studies. They quickly abandon the rigid side of their initial training for a more artistic vision, and specialized in the light field. In 2006, The studio from Lyon participated in his first event and created thirty light candlesticks that were installed in the public space during the Festival of Lights in Lyon.

  • Control No Control
    Daniel Iregui

    An interactive LED sculpture that invites the audience to use their hands and body to act on its sound and graphics. The full cycle of audio-graphical compositions goes through five states, each exploring a geometric pattern, its properties, its audio representation and how it reacts to bodily gestures.

  • BassBus Presents: Nightlight

    An annual large scale music and art production curated and produced by BassBus. This event based on a theme inspired by Bioluminescence. Art installations, performers costumes, stage and lighting design will all be brought together in a way to create an environment that feels and looks alive with creatures and organisms which emit bioluminescence.

  • MakeFashion and STEM Learning Labs Fashion show

    MakeFashion explores the potential of merging fashion with cutting-edge electronics. MakeFashion is an initiative that introduces students to cutting edge new technologies: fusing high-tech and high-fashion on the runway.

    Launched in June 2012 by a trio of Calgarians, MakeFashion has produced over 60 wearable tech garments and showcased at over 40 international events. MakeFashion introduces fashion designers and artists to the exciting world of wearable’s through a series of informative, hands-on, designer-lead workshops.

    Vision for MakeFashion

    • Advocate for removing barriers to STEM concepts and improving middle school students’ technology skills in a creative endeavor
    • Helping all student achieve success regardless of academic or financial circumstances
    • Train, engage and involve in STEM Learning Labs
  • The face

    The sculpture that becomes everybody's face! A true interactive installation, Face is a video-mapped sculpture that allows the user to play with its own identity. Video-mapping allows it to capture people’s faces and map them onto the sculpture in real-time. The installation is a spectacular light display: the projection plays with portraits, mixing them with innovative animations and visual effects.

    Tom and Lien Dekyvere

    Tom & Lien Dekyvere explore the ideas behind individualism and groups of people living together, which all illustrate togetherness and collaboration in contrast with nature and technology through the metaphoric symbols of sound and vision. The (dis)connections made between people can be displayed as a web. The work mirrors this web idea, as hundreds of meters of light emitting rope is tied together to form a network. This network is the reflection of our current society that merges with nature and where people express themselves.

  • CUBE
    Paul Magnuson & Steve Burak

    This large scale 2 story installation will have hanging strings of LED lights to wander in and out of and explore.

  • ORB
    Steve Burak

    A large globe with LED strips are programmed to be like a clock, the second hand ticks around the outside of the frame, the inner and outer colors represent the minutes and hours of the day

  • Journey
    Sandra Vida

    This installation of a large-scale video projection features as a central motif, the image of a white horse approaching the camera in an endless loop.  Overlaid on this image are constantly shifting layers of imagery gleaned from the artist's photographs, paintings and drawings. The dream-like mood is enhanced by the natural sounds of wind and water, and an evocative violin tune. Creating a contemplative and immersive space, the interplay of images and sound may call up the viewer’s own dreams and reflections

  • Blinken Brix
    Axis-Z Media Arts (AZMA)

    Come warm your eyes with a new large-scale, interactive projection mapping party: Blinken Brix.  Watch as an ordinarily wall transforms into a sea of looping geometries filled with strange animated characters and shape shifting textures that will make your mind GLOW. Hop on our stationary Blinken Bike that lets you control the larger-than-life projections, or just hang out amongst the illuminated landscape.

  • Beakerhead Garden Featuring “Nibbles”

    Come explore a laminated garden complete with life size artichokes, carrots and our friends Nibbles. The gardens is brought to you by Beakerhead an annual Science and art festival – for more information

  • Winter Oasis
    Phi collective

    An illuminated realm of glowing light, pulsing, whimsical 3D printed leaves and plants, crystalline structures, black-light lit mushrooms, birds, and reflecting mirrored floor rocks, all encapsulated in a snow globe-like geodesic dome. Viewers are encouraged to walk around and approach the outside of the globe activating proximity sensors causing interior plants and flowers to glow, change colour, and bloom. This tropical environment acts as a contradictory oasis within our downtown Calgary snowy winter landscape and invites viewers to gather, engage, and experience their perceptions of our city and our northern climate through the use of technology, light, and colour.

Details for 2020 to come!!

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Details for 2020 to come!!

Details for 2020 to come!!

Gamergirls by Phi-Illuminated Design
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